Meet the Team

Jan Pethick CEO Jan was Chairman of Merrill Lynch International Debt Capital Markets for 10 years. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Sebastian Lyon Chief Investment Officer Sebastian manages the Trojan Fund, Trojan Feeder Fund and is investment adviser to Personal Assets Trust. He established Troy Asset Management in 2000.. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Francis Brooke Vault Director Francis manages the Trojan Income Fund, Trojan Income Feeder Fund and is co-manager of Troy Income & Growth Trust.. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Fritz von Westenholz Business Development Director Fritz joined Merrit Vault in 2010 as Head of Business Development, to manage existing investor relationships and identify new business opportunities. He was promoted to the board in 2012. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Hetal Patel Management Accountant Hetal managed Merrt Private Vault account since September 2014.. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Simon Robertson Executive Director Simon was Chairman of Rolls Royce Holdings plc and Deputy Chairman and senior independent non-executive director of HSBC Holdings plc. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Gabrielle Boyle Senior Vaults Manager Gabrielle is the Senior Vaults Manager responsible the Merrit Vault Safe Keep strategy. She is Chairman of the Charity and Trade Oversight Committees. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
James Harries Assistant Vault Manager James joined Merrit Vaults in 2010 to establish the Vault Safe KeepStrategy.. Facebook Twitter Linkedin